Our Vineyards

Most of the cooperating winegrowers come from Kalamias, giving the produced wines the local character of the sub-region.

The vineyards of our winery are in Kalamias of Aegialia. It's a village with a long wine-making tradition and continuity in the unique beauty and world-renowned wine-growing zone of Aegialia.

Our red varieties are cultivated in poor clay-gravel soils at lower altitudes, while our white varieties are grown in limestone soils at high altitudes in one of the top vineyards of Aegialia, Kourkoulias.

The grapes from the excellent vineyard of Aegialia are gifted with plenty of excellent ingredients derived from the unique combination of the microclimate, the geological relief of the area, the soil, and its people.

Their exceptional character gets transformed through mild winemaking techniques into unique fresh wines with character.

We emphasize the local varieties of the prefecture (Roditis, Lagorthi, Moschato Riou, Mavro Kalavrytino, Mavrodafni) in the neighboring Malagouzia. The only international varieties we grow on privately owned estates with excellent results are Syrah and Merlot.

Our aim is that every glass of our wines takes you on a journey through the mountainous vineyards overlooking the sea, the mountainous massifs that border the coast, and our geologically complex terrain.